Photovoltaic solar energy, clean and inexhaustible
Wind energy, the force of the wind
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Renova energías

Renova energías is a company that develops, promotes, advises and invests in sustainability projects, among which renewable energy projects stand out; Energy storage; Energy efficiency; Environment and Circular Economy.

In addition, we carrie out consultancies in energy, environmental, technological innovation and electromobility issues.

Renewable energy

Renova Energías offers its services in the area of development, engineering, auditing (Due Diligence), consulting, installation, operation, maintenance and administration of the main renewable technologies:
Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Thermal Solar Energy
Wind Power
Biomass Energy
Hydroelectric Power

We carry out studies, preliminary projects, environmental procedures, electrical and administrative studies, development, negotiation of contracts (SPA, EPC, O&M), search for clients and opportunities, project management (Project Management),
financial advice, bidding, definition and supply of equipment, O&M, among other
All this nationally and internationally, and tailored to the client.

our specialties

energy projects development

Energy efficiency


Energy Future Earth is in your hands