Who we are

Renova energías is a company that develops, promotes, advises and invests in sustainability projects, among which renewable energy projects stand out; Energy storage; Energy efficiency; Environment and Circular Economy.

In addition, we carrie out consultancies in energy, environmental, technological innovation and electromobility issues.

As a multidisciplinary team, we work to capitalize on the economic, social and environmental potential of our clients, adding and contributing to international efforts
to mitigate the climate crisis.

Our goal is to provide opportunities and offer solutions to organizations, companies, public entities and investors in environmentally friendly projects, based on the principles of reliability (safety, sufficiency and quality) and competitiveness.

Our expertise focuses on engineering projects in:

Renewable energy

Energy efficiency



Circular Economy

Our mission

(Why do we get up every day)

To leave a healthier planet to the next generation using sustainable engineering, to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Vision

(where are we going, what do we want to be)

To be leaders and pioneers in sustainable solutions in Chile and Latin-America.
fostering circular economy.

what makes us different

Our experience has led us to recognize the value of trust, which we generate and maintain with our customers, suppliers and strategic partners.

The multidisciplinary nature of Renova Energías professionals and their close relationships with their strategic partners, can provide their clients in Chile and Latin America, "turnkey" plans and / or solutions in the development of projects.


Sustainable Vision



Ability to provide customized solutions